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Salasar Nursing Home was setup in the year 1998 in Bhayandar by Dr. Niranjan Agarwal and his wife Dr. Shilpa Agarwal, with a intention to not only establish their medical professional career but also to serve the local population of this town which has been home to his family for more than a century.
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  • Surgery,Endoscopy,Laproscopy
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  • Dr Niranajan Agarwal
  • Dr Shilpa Agarwal
This is a FEQH (Forum for Enhancement of Quality in Healthcare) and AMC (The Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai) accreditated Nursing Home featuring on Clinic21. Over a period of one and a half decade of its existence, it has earned for itself a reputation of a reliable, competent surgical center of excellence with modern gadgets at affordable rates. Patient's care is our priority and all protocols are set in accordance to it.

Specialities Of Salasar Nursing Home

Surgical Specialties
General Surgery G I Surgery Colorectal Surgery
Minimal Invasive Laparoscopy Surgery Laser Treatment for varicose veins Urology [Urinary stones & Prostate]
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Gynecology Surgery Onco Surgery (Cancer)

a} G.I Endoscopy - Diagnostic / Therapeutic i} OGD (Upper) ii} Colonoscopy (Lower)

Anaesthesia Clinic Pathology Dermatology
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